Ok strokies.  Grab that lube and get naked for me.  Today you’re going to have a real workout, so lean back in a chair or against the headboard of your bed, but stay alert!

I want those nipples hard, real hard.  Stroke them with the flat of your hand.  Then roll and pinch the nipples with your thumb and forefinger.  Keep doing it.  You’ll know you’re doing it right when you feel tingling all the way down in your cock.

Once you feel that cock tingling and responding, begin to stroke your body slowly.  Use the tips of your fingers as well as the palm of your hand.  Let those nerve endings start to wake up.  Then slowly stroke your groin.  No touching that cock or balls yet!  Stroke slowly to the outsides of the hips and down the outsides of the thighs.  Feel that tingling increase.

Spread your legs and slide your hands onto the inner thighs.  Imagine the woman of your dreams slowly sliding her hand up your thighs, caressing and stroking as she murmurs softly to you.

Now slide a hand up to those balls.  Stroke them; feel how heavy and full they are.

Wrap your other hand around the base of the cock and begin to stroke.  Keep stroking those balls too!  Slowly increase the speed of your strokes until you are right at the edge.

Stay right there.  Don’t leave that edge.  Stroke at the edge for at least 10 minutes.  No cumming!

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