There’s a little something you don’t know about me.  Sure, I look sweet and innocent, but I’ve been cock teasing men just like you for a while now.  Think you can guess what one of my very first jobs was, right out of high school?

I danced for horny men. *Giggle*  Never topless…always in a pleated black mini skirt with a thong underneath, and a black bikini top.  I think the fact that I was somewhat dressed made them even hornier…I sent them home fantasizing about me…wanting to see my round ass and perky little tits fully exposed.

Men are visual creatures.  I know firsthand how the sight of a beautiful woman is pure torment for your cock.  That’s why I’m sending you on a field trip!

First, you’re going to call me up for a quick tease and denial session.  I’m going to whisper naughty things in your ear, and tell you exactly how to rub that cock and squeeze those balls.  Just as you start to beg for release, I’m going to hang up and send you to your friendly neighborhood strip club/nudie bar for some visual stimulation.

You’re going to stick big bills (don’t be cheap, boys….$1s and $5s just won’t cut it) into the panties of the most beautiful woman you can spot, so she’ll shake her tits, stick her ass in your face, and prop her leg up on one arm of your chair and flash that sweet spot between her legs.  Your cock, already hard and wet with precum, will start to throb, but you won’t be able to touch it.  And, surely you wouldn’t dare try to touch the dancers, because they have big, muscular men waiting to kick the asses of guys who can’t behave.

When you get home, you’re going to call me and describe your sexy adventure.   Maybe I’ll even tease your cock some more before deciding whether or not you’ve earned some release.

Click the link below for a brief voice sample and to hear how I’d shake, bounce, and grind my little body just for you! 😉

Cockteasing with Empress Molly 800-601-6975