Can I tell you about one of my favorite ways to get my cocks hard and excited?

Close your eyes and just imagine being led into my bedroom.  You’re ready to toss me on the bed and fuck, but I’m not–so I give you a gentle kiss, and sit you down in a chair.  Just sit there and keep those eyes closed for me while I change into something more comfortable.

A few minutes later I come out, wearing my Catholic school outfit…the same one I wore everyday in high school when I cock teased horny guys like you as I walked to class.  That short, plaid skirt, bouncing up and down as I walk; that little white blouse that I unbutton just enough for you to see my cleavage and black bra straps; and of course, those sweet white knee socks and black mary janes.

Now is it time to fuck?

Of course not!

You’re going to stay put—right there in that chair—and let me give you a little lap dance.

Watch me as I bend over in your face and show off my little white panties.  I’ll slowly bounce and shake my ass.  Should I turn around and shake my tits a little too?  Let me put my leg up on the arm of the chair as I do.

I didn’t say you could touch me, now did I?  Looks like I’ll have to find something to tie those hands behind your back, and bind your ankles to the chair.  I have some pantyhose that would be perfect for that!

Now that you’re tied up and can’t get touchy feely, I’m really going to torment that cock.  Let me sit on your lap and rub my tight little ass against that ever-growing bulge.  Just as you start to go from panting to moaning, I’ll stop.

Maybe I should leave you tied up in that chair for a bit while I go downstairs and pleasure myself? *Giggle*

I’ll be here, ready and waiting to tease your cock some more with my sweet voice and wicked imagination…call me!

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