Your reigning cock tease commander is back and boy do I have a field trip for you today. I know you have missed the female touch being cramped in this barracks along with the others for so long, so we are going on another field trip. I know, I know, that cock is twitching in anticipation already isn’t it grunt? I bet you are wondering to yourself just what does Cock Commander Ashley have up her sleeve? You are going to love this! Today I am taking all you beat off boys to the massage parlour for some real tests of strength. All aboard the bus to cock tease heaven. Wow I have never seen you recruits so eager before! Once we arrive the girls are lined up in a row dressed in seductive lingerie and tempting you with their considerable assets. I choose the masseuse with the longest legs, blondest hair, and biggest breasts to give you your rub down. She takes you to a room and tells you to undress, naturally you do as told. You hop onto the table facing up and she does a little ass shaking and boobie bouncing to really get you to stand at attention private! You are shaking and she grabs the massage oil and soaks you good! Strategically she uses those skilled hands to drive you literally out of your mind! She rubs so close to that penis it has caught fire and is screaming for her touch! Ah but since she is a cock tease supreme and under my strict orders today she will not touch that cock. She will leave you hard and longing. Your real time assignment for today wanker is to go to the massage parlour and get the full body massage. Have her tempt and tease you and when asked for the “happy ending” you must simply decline and tell her “Mistress Ashley rules this cock.” Your drill sergeant has spoken!

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