Cock Commander Mistress Ashley is back to drive those cocks crazy once again! I received a stunning new outfit from my latest boy toy that will fit perfectly with todays theme. He took me to the mall handed me that platinum credit card and said “princess whatever your hearts desire!” I was in a very domineering mood and naturally went towards the leather section of the store. I picked out a black, pleated, mini leather skirt with gold chain accesories. Next I went for the matching leather gloves that caressed my arms to just below the elbow (getting hard yet grunt?) These gloves are to die for! I figured why stop there? We headed to the shoe store and I picked out a beautiful pair of black and gold  leather boots. They clinged to my leg just below the knee and really look fantastic! I am wearing this outfit today private. Along with a pair of fishnet stockings, black satin garter, black and gold panties and push up bra. You may now drool in my presence you lusty screw up you! For todays session I want you to get a pair of gloves and your lube. Put the gloves on (they may be any kind or anyones gloves) Smear the lube generously on that cock with your gloved hands now! Close your eyes and imagine it is me working my gloved magic on you. I want this to be at least a thirty minute session. Change hand speeds and grips frequently. I also want at least five edges before you click below to hear my message to you. Mistress Ashley has spoken!

Cockteasing sessions with Mistress Ashley 800-601-6975