I know you think you are being very casual and slick, but what I see is one of those guys who is trying way too hard to be cool.  You follow me around, trying to talk to me and telling me your lame jokes until I decide that it’s time for you to get what you deserve. My soft lips curl in to a smile and my fingers beckon you to follow me, while I walk away.

You stand there for a moment, looking at my perfect ass and long tan legs, your cock twitching and aching to get closer to me, hoping that I will touch it. Well you never know. Maybe I’ll let you come home with me.  We’ll walk through the doors of my house and sit down on the sofa. If I let you sit next to me, do you think I’ll reach out and start stroking your cock?

More likely I’ll tell you to take it out and start stroking it yourself. I’ll lean back, legs crossed watching while you stand, on my orders, in front of me and strip. You know you want to stroke that cock, get it harder and harder. Maybe I’ll watch, or just reach one slim delicate finger out and run it right down the shaft of your cock, watching it react and you groan with need.

Tease. I like it when the boys call me that. It means I’m getting my way and that’s the most important thing isn’t it? Me being happy. If I’m happy maybe I’ll let you stroke until you get some relief or maybe I’ll do it for you…Maybe not.

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