Awww, looks like someone is looking to get teased by a hot young girl. Well, you came to the right place!
My name is Nicole, but I’m better known as Sexy Cocktease Nicole because I have a bit of a reputation for being, well, like the name says, a cocktease *giggles*.
And today you’re going to find out why!
I like to make things slow and sensuous so make sure you have enough time to play with me before starting. When I have a man all to myself, I like to really enjoy it. I’m used to indulging my sexuality until I’m completely satisfied 😉
I want you to begin by getting completely naked for me. I don’t like quick cock stroking sessions! I want to see all of you. Every single bit of what is mine to play with. So get naked for me and let me look at you. Mmmm now, are your nipples sensitive? I hope so, because I think that’s soooo sexy!!!
And that’s what were going to play with first. Be a good boy and leave that cock alone for now.
I want you start by closing your eyes and just rubbing your nipples nice and slow for me. Pinch them just a little and let them roll between your fingers. I want you to think about me leaning up closely to you and gently blowing on them while you tease them. My sweet, soft lips so close to your body mmhhhmm *giggles*. Think about me just taking one of those nipples and biting it gently, pulling on it with my teeth as I like my tongue softly tease the edge of it.
You like the way that feels, don’t you? Tell me you want me to tease you more. No, you‘re not saying it loud enough. I guess you don’t really want more after all. I think maybe I should just leave and find someone who really wants to play with me.
What’s that? You don’t want me to go? Well… prove it to me.
Let me see how hard your dick is then. It should be solid as a rock if you really want more. If it’s not, you better take a good look at me and jerk your cock fast. Get it fully erect and then stop stroking. Now, ask me to stay and say it sweet. I want to hear you moan and whimper for me and tell me how badly you want me to tease that cock.
Beg! Come on now… you can do better than that! How badly do you wish my hot, sexy body was on your lap, grinding down on you? I could take your hard cock between my legs and hold it tight. Then you’d feel how wet my panties are now. You’re cock sliding against that warm, wet spot. I have such a naughty pussy! If you wanna get close to it, you’re gonna have to beg right now.
Mmmm that’s what I was looking for! Now that you’re begging, maybe I will let you do a little bit of cock stroking *giggles*
Oh, I wish you were really here! I could take my wet panties off and let you taste them. Then I could rub your dick against my clit. Would you like that? Me using my pussy lips and clit hood to cocktease you?
I want you to pour some lube in your hand and let it get a little warm in your palm before sliding your cock into your fist. Wait 30 seconds and then slide it in and start moving your hips up and down into your hand like you are fucking it. Make sure to squeeze that hand nice and tight. I bet you are thinking about what my pussy would feel like, aren’t you. Well… no, it wouldn’t feel like that, it would feel a million times better! My hot, tight, wet pussy just swallowing your cock and sucking it right in like a vacuum. Mmmm wouldn’t you love that? Well, so sad you can’t have that right now, but what you can tease me by stroking that cock sooo good. Let me see what I‘m missing. Mmm that looks so good, you really seem to know what you’re doing with your stick! Come on, give it to me faster than that, show me what kind of reverse cocktease you are and tease my pussy with your dick. I want you to get all the way to the edge for me and then stop.
Ooohhh I know its painful to stop when you are right there, especially when you’re looking at that hot picture of me. But you have to, because I said so! *giggles*
Now, speaking of sexy photos, I want you to stare at my hot body and imagine me there with you, doing everything I say next while you start stroking again.
I want you to think about me grabbing your cock with one hand and squeezing the head as I rock it back and forth in my tight fist. And imagine the fingernails of my other hand playing with your balls, running very lightly all over them. Tickling the bottom of your sack and teasing you while you moan and shift in your seat. Mmmm I love how precum feels when it coats my hand. I wish I could lick it up but I need it for something else right now 😉
Do you like that? Your balls look so good when they’re filling up with cum for me. Whats that? You want me to stroke faster? Beg me, say – “Nicole, you are such a sexy cocktease, please go faster” *giggles* Mmmm you say the sweetest things!!!
Okay, I like faster! Let’s do it harder now. Tight fisted, fast cock stroking all the way up to the edge of orgasm. Imagine my bouncing up and down on you. My head back laughing and loving it as I ride you as hard as I can. When you are like 5 strokes away from orgasm, click here…
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