Hey Stroker, you are going to need a nice silky pair of underwear.  Loose, silk boxers are best but if you don’t have silk boxers then a nice pair of silk panties will work nicely also. You will also need some lube to make your cock nice in slippery when it is out of the underwear 🙂  First I would love you to take a nice hot shower and shave your cock and balls if you possibly can, it will make the stroking much more intense.  Once you shave then put on your silk boxers or underwear.  Now what you should do is sit back, take that cock out over the top of your underwear and lightly stroke up and down your cock with your nails teasing up and down, no nails? then just finger tips, very softly for five minutes, I am sure this will make you nice and hard

Now slide it back into your underwear and let it stay there for ten minutes, let it get soft and then take and move your hand over the outside of your underwear and just let your fingers stroke up and down the outside of your underwear, let your fingers just trail up and down and tease over the material, feel it getting hard again, throbbing, wanting to escape from the underwear.  Do this for five minutes, then stop and take your hand off, let that cock calm down until it is nice and soft again, ten to fifteen minutes should do the trick.

Now bring that cock out the top of your underwear again.  This time lube it up and stroke it first slow, building it up to a medium pace, then finish off with a fast pace until you get to the edge, then stop for two minutes.  Start back, slow pace, gradually going to a medium pace then faster until you get to the edge and then stop, take a break and rest for ten minutes, also, take and wipe the lube off your cock, we are done with the lube for now.

Next I want you to push your cock into the boxer and start rubbing it with your knuckles through the boxers let your thumb rest on one side and close your fingers so that your knuckles rub against your cock, up and down, feel it slide and you can press harder and softer to give it a different intensity, you can also reach down and stroke and squeeze your balls at the same time. Bring yourself to the edge, two more times……..then click the button to see if you can cum.

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