You know your Stroke Princess is such a little cock tease and that is why you love Me so much.  I also love to do role-plays and I was thinking of one you and I could do together.  You know, I love to be pampered and spoiled and yes, I do deserve it.  Mmmm just thinking of something that happened to Me over the holiday while out shopping and would love to share with you, maybe if you get up the nerve to call we can do a scene similar to this one ~giggle~ To be honest, I love shopping when it is someone other than me that  me is spending money on Me of course, so going out spending my money on others is fun but not so exciting.  I do most of my Christmas shopping online but sometimes you just have to go out and get things that you can’t locate online so I usually make one day right before Christmas my shopping day and do a mega shopping trip and normally finish off by getting a manicure/pedi to end the day.  So this day was not going to be different except I had received a nice Victoria Secret gift certificate from one of my boys and decided to stop and pick me up some new panties, cologne and body wash after I had finished shopping for others.

I had just went into Victoria Secrets, I was wearing a cute little pleated skirt, white top and boots, (you can go to my blog and see me in an outfit similar)  I really wasn’t looking around much as I had been shopping all day and just was going to finish up here before going to the nail salon.  I had alredy picked out my cologne and body wash and was looking for a some sexy panties to wear for the holidays when an older man came up to me and excused himself for disturbing me but he wanted to know if I could make some suggestions on what he should get his daughter, he indicated blushing that she was about my age and size.  Hmmmmm I just did not believe his story at all, I mean, thinking of my own Father going to VS to purchase me something made me laught a bit and I just smiled and thim and decided to have a great time before my nail appointment.

I asked him if he had tought of anything to buy her yet and he said no, well I said I could show him a few of my favorites, he said he hated to ask but would I please.  Well, I started feeling a bit naughthy and he was very handsome, he probably didn’t even have a daughter, I am sure he was just saying so to have a reason to talk to me but hey, he wanted to shop and I would sure help him spend his money.  I took him over to look at a little cami set that I had seen and really liked, a cute leopard pattern with a pair of matching thong panties, and he really liked them.  I said great, and picked up a size small and handed them to him, he kind of blushed when I did so and I just giggled.  We also got a set in my favorite color, pink of course and told him I bet he treated his daughter like a Princess and all Princesses love pink.  Then I said we would look at a few dresses.  We picked out a couple of sexy dresses, well I picked them out, he just agreed and blushed. I first picked out a sexy, black dress that they call the bustle back that was just delicious and an awesome little pink, short ruched dress. I told him to follow me to the dressing room and I would try them on to show him what they looked like and he just stammered and said OK. I giggled and told him, get it right, that is Yes, Princess and he cleared his throat and said, oh Yes, please Princess ~giggle~

Off I take Richard to the dressing room we went and I had Richard sit outside while I took things into the dressing room and tried on the cute little pink cami and matching thong panties, then putting the sexy pink dress over them I opened the door and showed Richard how I looked.  HIs eyes brightened up and I said so tell me, hmmmm Daddy, how do I look?  Oh yes, I hit the nail right on the head, Daddy Richard turned bright pink and said that I looked fantastic, i moved closer and said, “Oh really, Daddy”? and he just moaned loudly as I giggled.  I cound see Richard getting all hard in his pants and I said, hmmmm Daddy Richard, unzip my dress and after he did I let it slip down and showed him the cute little cami and panty set.  OMG he turned so red and I moved closer, turned around and showed Daddy Richard how nice my sweet little ass looked in the thoung panties and asked, so Daddy, do you like the fit as I bent forward and pushed my tight little ass toward him I heard him moan.  Hmmmm as I giggled I sat on his lap and as I squirmed I said, so Daddy Richard, your naughty Princess wants these things, I think we should go to the cashier and you pay for them, don’t you?  Well of course he did and he went to the cashier and bought my purchase, I also had him buy a nice little gift $200 certificate for his daughter and one for me, I mean a girl can never have to many sexy things!  I had Richard carry my packages to my car, gave him a little kiss on the check and pressed up agaisnt him, I heard him moan loudly and I gave him my number, told him to call when he needed his little girl to use him again and I grinded into him and made him cum into his pants, mmmmm I loved it, I am sure you will to.  Well Richard got to cum, click below to see if you do!

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