Mmmmmm want to have a hot fantasy together? Play out a hot, sexy role-play with me?  Come on, let’s do it so you can finally find out what it is like for me, a sexy little Princess to tease that cock that I will own in no time.  I know you imagine and fantasize what it would be like to be with me, hmmm don’t you?  How often do you sit in front of your computer, playing my audios, lookings at me and stroking that cock?  I bet you do it quiet frinquiently, I mean, how could you not, my sexy little body has you mesmerized and you just want more and more.   Don’t you? ~giggle~  A Princess such as myself deserves the best and you my sweet, stroker boy will do anything to make sure that I get the best.  I can prove it, just sit back and visualize this!

You are having lunch in a quiet little resturant and I walk in.  The hostess sits me at a table directly across from you and as I walk in, our eyes meet and I smile at you. As I move to sit down I drop my purse and move to bend over and pick it up.  My sweet sexy ass is faceing you and you watch as my short, little plaid skirt creeps up and shows the tops of sexy white, thigh high stockings and at that point you know you are hooked, when I turn around and glace at you, your cheeks are so red because you have just been caught trying to see up my skirt. ~giggle~  I sit in my chair and smile as I spread my legs slightly, I hear your moan moan as I giggle and start to slide my fingers up my inner thigh.  I order my lunch and go to the ladies room, on the way back to my table, I pass your table and bend and whisper in your ear, “when I am finished, follow me out” and drop my damp panties into your lap, I sit and eat my lunch, watching you, teasing you, knowing you are getting so hard and wanting me.  I stand up, walk by you and say, “Are you coming?”

You follow me out and I lead you to the parking lot.  Hmmmm you think you are going to drive with me but no, I have you take those panties out of your pocket and tell you to go ahead, do what you have been wanting to do, smell them, smell me on them, then take out your cock and stroke with my panties. I insturct you on how to stroke that cock, bringing it to the edge and telling you to stop.  I open my car door and sit sideways on the seat with my legs slightly parted and rub up and down my thigh, moving my hand farther up but not letting you see my naked pussy, oh but you want to, don’t you? ~giggle~  I watch as you pump your hand up and down that cock that I now own and you bring it close to orgasm and I make you stop.  I have you take and wipe the precum off your cock with my panties, put it away and tell you, no cumming now, but here is my address, be there at 10 tonight and you may get to cum but not until and NO cheating or else you won’t get to see any more of this, as
lift up my skirt and give you a peak at my sweet, bald, little pussy!  Click below to hear more!

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