Well hello there stroker boys!  It’s been awhile since you’ve had any instructions from Empress Cassidy here at Cock Tease Boot Camp, though I know you’ve been kept busy.  And knowing you strokers you have been keeping yourselves busy though that is often the problem.

You need direction and to learn to control yourself when that cock gets all hard and excited. Just stroking and then blowing your load is boring and no woman wants a man who does that. The best way to learn control is to be teased and denied mercilessly and that’s why I’m here.  Just look at me, sitting in front of you in my short little skirt.  I smile and tell you to undress and get your cock in your hand.

Now sometimes I like to tell you exactly how to stroke but this time, you get to choose. What you have to do though is stop reading and click that little link below so you can listen to my voice. I want you to picture me sitting there, while you are naked with your cock in your hand, getting ready to stroke. I smile, my eyes moving from your face to your cock and back again, while I cross and then uncross my legs.  This makes my short silky skirt slide up a bit and you see that either I’m not wearing any panties or I have on a pinky nude colored pair. You aren’t sure, but your mind starts to wander to my tight little pussy. You want to see it, touch it and you start stroking faster thinking about it.

Now this is where you would typically blow it and therefore blow it.  But not this time.

No no no, get your hand off that cock now. I want you just looking, see how my perfect breasts strain against the material of my sweater, the outline of my bra nearly visible as you watch and let your eyes move over me wondering again just what I have on under my skirt.

You are aching to start stroking again aren’t you?  Well if you aren’t already listening, click to hear what you get to do next…maybe it’s stroking, or maybe it’s just a tease.

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