I really want to make a guy cum. I don’t know what it is with me today, but I am so in the mood to see a guy have an orgasm.

Do you think you could do that for me?

I bet if you were right here and saw what I’m wearing right now you’d have no trouble at all… not that you wouldn’t do whatever I said anyway ~grinz~.

You see… right now, I’m only wearing one thing. A new pair of 6” high heels that feel so good on me, I still haven’t taken them off. I came home, got undressed, took off everything else, but when I got to my shoes I just didn’t want to take them off my feet. So I’m sitting here right now, completely naked, but for these sexy black heels.

And I know they’re the reason why I want to see a guy cum. They’ve got me in this really hot mood and I’m all worked up.

So why don’t you take your cock out for me and start stroking it… mmhhmm that sounds good… typing those words gave me this nice, warm all over feeling. Come on, show me how you work that cock… I want to see how big and thick it gets when you’re stroking it nice.

Long strokes… don’t rush it… I want to see everything you’re doing. Yeah, that’s it… you’ve got a really nice cock there, and I bet it feels so very good.

Take your other hand and cup your balls for me… squeeze them tight, I want to see how thick they are. I love balls that shoot a lot of cum. When I tell you to, I want you to give me a big, thick load so I can see how bad you fucking want me.

I don’t want you to cum fast though… I want to enjoy this, and you know how girls can go for a long time. Show me you can keep up. I want you to stroke for me like this for 20 mins. Don’t let yourself cum… if you get close, then back off and keep yourself just at the edge until that 20 mins is up. I told you, I want a big, thick load of cum… so keep going so there will be more and more when you finally orgasm.

You’ve got me squirming now… I wish you were here so I could use these sexy shoes to play with your balls while you stroke your big, thick cock. I want to bury my toes in your sack so I can feel all that lovely cum building up inside of you.

But you can’t cum until I give you permission… keep working up that load for me, and I’ll tell you when to let it out.

I want to stretch my legs out to you… but you’re not here to watch me show them off. I love seeing a guy’s eyes follow my beautiful, long legs… and since I’m not wearing anything right now, there’s a lot more than just my hot legs to look at… and the more I stretch and turn them, the more there is to see.

Keep stroking… go a little faster for me now… come on, show me how hot you think my legs are… and how hot you know what’s between them is.

When 20 mins of stroking has gone by, click the link below so I can tell you what to do for me next –

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