Hey stroker, how is your cock doing? I sure hope it is very, very horny, isn’t it?  I am sure you want to be a good boy and work it for me and follow my instructions so that you might be able to cum.  First off I want you to get a few things.  A string of some sort, or shoe lace, if you are a sissy a pink ribbon would do nicely.  Lube, get his and hers by KY, then you have two one is hot and one is cool then you can mix them so that would be three items,  powder, and look in the firdge, how about mayo, olive oil, margarine, eggs, ice cream, pudding and what ever you can think of to rub on that cock and use for lube.  Lets get 6 things, so get busy!! For you pain sluts, ben gay or icy hot works well, if not into pain, leave em alone! ~giggle~

First I want you to take the string and tie those balls up tightly, using a slip knot if you know what that is or just make the string tight around them if you dont know how to make the knot.  Now get comfy with your first item, hmmmm lets see…….the lube to start off.  I want you to lube your cock with it and slowly stroke it up and down the shaft.  Use the hers lube first, it is nice and warm. very slowly working it nice and easy for five minutes, brining it to the edge at least one time.  Then stop, clean off the lube and go to the second item.

Use the his lube to cool off your cock, stroking it quicly for three minutes, edging it once and stopping, no cumming.

For the third item I would like you to use margarine.  Thats right, get it nice and lubed and do a med stroke, don’t put the margarine in your cock hole 🙂  stroke up and down, bring your hand over the head and stroke it easy but get to the edge for me and stop.

Now get your cool lotion, and cool that cock down.  Stroke for 3 mins at a fast pace, edge once and stop for 5 mins.

Get the powder, put it on your balls, hopefully your balls are nice and shaved and just mover hour hand over them for 2 mins, coming up the shaft of the cock, spreading the powder then stroking your cock at a med pace until you come to the edge and stop.

Use two more items of your choice, come on, use your imagination and write and tell me what you used and how it felt.
Stroke for 5 mins each with them, edging twice with a five minute break in between. Make sure if you get close you slow down or stop.  No cumming.

Take your his and hers lube, mix them and stroke for me.  One minute fast, two mins med, 3 mins slow, two med and one last min fast.  Click to see if you can cum!

Princess Lilah

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