So you want to stroke that cock for your phone sex Princess, do you? Well, consider that to be a privilege if I say yes! :giggle:  Just because your Princess enjoys watching stroker boys jerk their cocks off for her, doesn’t mean she always says yes!  Although, I will admit, it is more fun to say yes and then watch those boys suffer with blue balls and hard cocks when they are denied the ultimate release… an intense orgasm.  Or, sometimes I prefer to tease them and torture them even more with forcing them to have a ruined orgasm.  Aaah yes, those cries and moans of agony and pleasure are music to my ears!

Alright, so you’re ready to stroke for me then? Go ahead and take out that cock.  In fact, I want you to strip down, totally naked.  I don’t care if you feel exposed… that adds to the excitement for me.  Strip down naked!  That’s much better.  Now, squeeze a generous amount of lubricant on that cock, get it nice and slippery.  I want you to stroke your cock completely from the balls to the tip, making slow, long strokes, with a good rhythm.  Mmmm I’ll bet that feels really good, doesn’t it?  Now, move your hand a little faster.  I want you to close your eyes and picture me, in nothing but a fig leaf covering my pussy and my tits ::giggle::  Stroke that cock a little faster.  Imagine the wind blowing hard and fast, and taking away those fig leaves, leaving me completely naked, with my arm covering my breasts and  my other hand covering my pussy… giggling at you while you stroke faster.  I want you pumping that hand faster and faster, until you feel like you are going to burst.  When you think you can’t hold off any longer, then click this link and find out what your fate is!

Guided Masturbation sessions with Princess Heather 800-61-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute