I am Mistress Sarah.  Are you ready to submit?  Give me control of your cock.  For this guided masturbation exercise you will need to get a pair of nylons.  You can use pantyhose or knee high stockings.  You will be stroking your cock with it.

I want you to use your imagination for this.  Visualize me sitting in a chair in front of you.  Have those nylon stockings in hand.  Do not touch your cock just yet.  I am gazing at you with my evil smile.

I order you to say this out loud,”Mistress Sarah, please control my cock.  Mistress Sarah owns my cock.”

That’s a good boy.  Now ask if you can stroke it.

You will ask out loud now, “Mistress Sarah, may I please stroke my cock.”  You will repeat this out loud 10 times.  You must learn that I am in control and you will give it to me.

Yes you may stroke my pet.  Stroke your cock using the nylon stroking slowly.  Squeeze it really tight.

Imagine I pull out a fudgesicle just like in my photo.  The one that makes you think such naughty thoughts.  I am going to lick this fudgesicle right in front of you.

Stroke it slowly gripping tight.  I bet it feels good touching your cock with the nylons.  It feels so nice and smooth.  Stroke it for 20 minutes.

Once your slow stroking for 20 minutes is up.  Beat your cock off really fast until you get close to orgasm.  Do not cum.  Once you edge now slow down.  Repeat this process 5 times.  I want 5 edges.  Fast and slow my stroker boy.

Say out loud to me before you listen to this audio while you slowly stroke your cock, “Mistress Sarah, please may I cum?”

Now, listen to the audio and listen to your fate.

Guided Masturbation sessions with Ms. Sarah 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute