Here at Tease Mafia we believe in controlling your cock through well the simple acting of teasing you until you can’t stand it and are begging for release.

So, here’s a fun little teasing game I like to play and it is very simple.  First of all, go get a regular deck of cards, with only one joker in and shuffle shuffle shuffle.

Now, we have to get everything ready.  You need to get naked, yes take EVERYTHING off. Now find some lube, make sure you have a lot, a slick well lubed cock is always better to look at than one you’re just yanking on. Have the lube and cards there with you and ready to use.

Now that you’ve got everything there with you, I want you to pause for a moment and look at me. Look at the sexy young girl who is about to take over your cock. Do I look like a girl who will let you finish at the end?  Do you think I’ll take pity on you?  This game requires you being honest and not cheating.

Set the deck down and flip over the first card.  Whatever it is, you stroke that many times.  No, I didn’t say you could come, just stroke. If it’s a 3, you get three strokes. If it’s a Queen, you get ten strokes. All face cards are worth ten, numbers are of course the face value of the card. If you happen to get an Ace, then you get to edge. Edge. Not release.

Isn’t it fun to get so close? *giggle*

Here is the good news for you.  If you draw that one Joker, the tease ends and you get to come. Isn’t that exciting?!  In the whole deck there is one chance for you to release, but since you shuffled fairly, you could get it right off the top…or it could be the last one. A game of chance.  If you are feeling really lucky, call me and I’ll draw the cards.

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