Let’s see… what do I want to do with my cock today? It’s been so long since I played with it, and I think it’s time it got a little attention. Yes, I’m talking about the cock that’s between your legs… I’m going to have some fun with it… after all, it is mine.

I’m going to use your hands to play with it… yes, I’m going to let you touch my cock, but only for now. When I’m done having fun, you leave it alone. It’s not yours and you can’t touch my toy without permission.

I didn’t tell you to start yet, so hands off. I’m a very selfish girl and I don’t care who doesn’t like it. Caring isn’t sharing to me… caring is making sure I’m the one who’s happy and having all the fun.

Go get some lube… and I mean a lot of lube. I like to get messy when I play, and boys are used to being dirty so you should be right at home.

Now take your pants off so I can see my cock… that’s good… don’t hide my toy, stand up and spread your legs wide for me… wider… now stay there are let me see… good boy… you keep doing what you’re told and you’ll be the perfect playmate.

Now, sit down and make sure my cock is comfortable… then put some lube on your hands… both hands and make sure it’s a good amount. Reach down and start rubbing the lube all over my cock and balls… use your fingers and palms and make sure everything gets covered. Don’t be rough, be gentle… I’ll tell you when my cock wants it rough.

Spend the next 5 mins doing this, slowly running your hands all over down there… but don’t start stroking yet.

Now that looks good, just the way I like my cock… but I want to see you stroke it now. Pour some more lube into your right hand, and then wrap your hand around my cock. It’s okay, you have my permission so you don’t have to worry about being scolded. Just go ahead and reach down like I know you want to, and start stroking that dick.

Slow strokes for now… I don’t like to rush my games. Just give my cock the nice, long strokes it loves so much and work it up until its fully hard. Don’t bring yourself anywhere near orgasm… you’re not going to ruined my fun. If you’re getting too worked up, too fast, then just slow down more… but I want you to play nice like this for the next 5 mins. Just tease it and get it ready.

Now, let go of my cock and let me see what you’ve done with it. Mmhhmm, nice and hard, just like I like it. Make it jump for me… you know how, tense those muscles and make it jump ~laughs~… make it jump up and down and all around for me… bouncy, bouncy cock ~laughs~. You look so silly.

More stroking… faster now… letting my cock slide along your hand as you pump it. Tight grip but allow the lube to let it slide through. All the way up and down… from the balls to up over the head… keep working like that until you feel yourself getting close to orgasm, then stop and wait a full minute.

Oh, you there already… awe, you must really enjoy playing with my toy if you’re already there. Can’t cum yet though… I might not let you play with my cock again for a long time, so you’d better have as much fun as you can while it lasts ~laughs~.

Put some lube in your left hand, and start stroking with that one. Same routine as before – tight grip with long strokes letting my cock slide through your hand… down deep in the balls all the way up over the head and back again. Do it with your left hand until you feel like you’re going to cum, then stop and wait a full minute.

I want you to switch off like this… right hand, then the left… back and forth until you’ve worked my cock to the edge 5 times with each hand. Stop a full minute between each switch and add more lube each time. When you’ve done it a total of ten times combined, work yourself close to the edge once more, and click the link below –

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