Teasing you with my body instead of my hand is the ultimate tease dont you think? A s you can see from my pictures all I have to do is pose to get your interest fired. Now what I want to do is give you some different poses so you can stroke your cock to my moving. Look at my ass, right here in front of your face. Pull your tongue out and strain to lick it. Try harder! If you dont try harder I wont let you cum, and you know what that means. One frustrated boy. Look at how hard you are now. MMMM yes. Now, with a gloved hand, Im gonna stroke you slowly, edging edging and edging more. That cock is quivering and bouncing around…poor poor boy. Now Im going to tie you up with some black hemp rope to make things a bit more tense. This way you will not be able to touch at all. Here is where I sit on your face and begin to stroke you with my thumb and index finger. Doesnt that feel delicious? Poor poor boy cannot stroke and now Im changing to a velvet glove…ah nice, the soft velvet on the tight skin that encases that cock. Now I stroke harder and faster, bringing you quickly to a very cool edge again. The satin gloves now with a slow steady stroke. Satin feeling so good on the cock head, I decide to polish it of…shall i let you cum this time?? Well do you want to?

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