OK you horny little strokers.  I know you want to stroke today.  But today, you’re going to do it MY way.  So, get naked for me right now—that’s right, strip off everything.  Then get your favorite lube—you’ll be needing it, so get it now, not later.  All comfy now?  Good.

Start with the nipples.  If they’re not hard, you’re not horny enough to do this assignment today.  So, stroke the chest and nipples.  Then roll those nipples between your thumb and forefinger. Give them a little pinch and twist.  That should help them get real hard.

When you feel that nipple to groin connection, then you may begin stroking slowly from the chest to the groin and thighs.  Do NOT touch the cock or balls yet.  Now focus on the inner thighs.  Stroke slowly and gently up those inner thighs.  Slide one hand right onto the balls and caress them lovingly.  Reach one finger under those balls to that sensitive spot and massage it.

OK, now use your other hand on that cock and stroke oh so slowly.  Don’t just start in yanking and jerking it fast.  Caress it as you stroke.  Really feel the sensations you’re creating.  Enjoy them.  This is the way I’d be stroking you if I were there, so imagine it’s my hand slowly caressing you, making you feel so hot and excited.

Stroke slowly for 1 minute; then slightly increase the speed for one minute.  Continue this until you are at the ragged edge!  Moan in pleasure, enjoy that feeling of being right on the edge.

Once you have stroked for a total of TEN MINUTES, you may click the button for your final instructions.

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