Ok stroker grunts! Fall in! Drill Sergeant Princess Heather is ready to work those cocks out again today!  I must say, all of you recruits have lasted much longer than I thought you would… too bad your cocks can’t last that long when they’re actually inside a tight wet pussy, eh? ::giggle:: Well don’t worry, stroker boys, we’re going to work on changing that, aren’t we? And we’re going to keep at it, right now!

Take those cocks out of those pants right now and grab the shaft. I’m sure that seeing me here in these tight camoflauge pants and half-shirt has got your dicks already hard, doesn’t it? Good! Now get that lube out, you know I like my cocks juicy and ready to stroke!  Wrap your right hand tight around the shaft of that cock, and then with your left hand, I want you to very lightly trace little circles around the tip of your cock head.  Round and round you go, swirling that finger, pressing a little harder with every round.  Good… do that for one minute and then take those fingers and grasp the head of your cock and massage it, squeezing and pulling on it again and again, just the head.  Very good grunt!! Now do it again… repeat swirling the finger around the cock head for one minute, then squeeze and pull the cockhead for another minute.  I want you to do this cycle ten times, then take your right hand and stroke that cock fast and hard until you get  right to the edge, and hold it…. when you feel like you absolutely cannot hold back any longer, click below to see what your assignment will end with today!  FALL OUT!

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