There comes a time when all good submissives, not matter what they may label themselves – sissy, cuckold, stroker, cross dresser, show off stroker, pain puppies, strap-on slut, chastity boys, or my favorite Glory Hole cock suckers – will sooner or later screw up, and there will be Punishment Due!

This is for you strokers jerking off to my pictures, time and time again. I hope you are polite, and blow that load in your hand, or glad rag, and not all over Miss Viv’s powder blue suit or the electronics.

I KNOW you pull that picture up – One stocking on the other not. My perfect foot perched on that beautiful chair, smiling. You may have wondered what I was thinking right then, but I won’t tell. Not here.

I do know what my callers are thinking, while they pull their poles and dream of me – you confess enough for me to have a pretty clear picture – of the nasty thoughts running around in your confused lil pea brains!

How many times have you stared at that picture, wishing you were flat on the floor and peeking up my too short skirt?

Perhaps you day- dream that Miss Viv is the Head of your department, and you made the grievous error of barging into her office without knocking and waiting for permission to enter.

Just walked right in you didn’t you without a thought. Whistling you were- to top it off. You know how much that annoys me!

What would you be in for next, jerk off boy. Click the banner and find out.

My foot in your back is what you would get and your sorry self pushed flat on the floor.  Crawl to my feet wanker boy and admit that you can’t keep your hands off your meat – any time you see my beautiful legs.

Call 800-601-6975 and Confess to Miss Viv and take the Punishment that is Due.