Welcome grunts and groaners to yet another installment of cocktease bootcamp with your Cock Commander Mistress Ashley. Today is a very special day because I am going to be taking you off base on a field trip. Excited already, arn’t you wanker? Well today you have plenty of reason to be excited. You all have 15 minutes to clean up and put on your best  civies (civilian clothes.) Meet me at the bus and don’t be late or we’ll leave without you! Precisely 15 minutes later I do a head count and I am one body short. Of course you are going to be the silly twit who is left out of this excursion. Too bad for you because your bunkmates will be teased and tantalized by some of the most beautiful women in the world. You on the other hand are regulated to quarters. I do have something to help you pass the time though. I hand you a swimsuit magazine, lube, and a note with detailed instructions of how you will pass this day away. Upon my exit it you quickly read my note and begin to perk up. You are allowed to take off your clothes. Next you find that I have permitted you to sniff my office chair and hump it for a total of ten minutes. Once completed you may get on your bunk and open the magazine. Find the wench that most closely resembles your cock commander and leave it open on that page. Now grab that lube and generously rub it into  “my property.” Once you are nice and slick grab the magazine and wrap tightly around that dick. Close your eyes and slowly begin humping. You may do this for a total of ten minutes. Now remove from magazine and relube. You may now begin stroking to this beautiful bikini clad goddess for the next twenty minutes do not release!) Once you have achieved this milestone you may click below for my message to you.

Cockteasing with Mistress Ashley 800-601-6975