Sit back relax, pull that cock out and lube it up! Now listen very careful, you may not touch that cock till I tell you to. You may not even look at it till I tell you that you can. Do you understand? Of course you don’t, by this time all the blood has rushed to the wrong head.
Hey pay attention we are on a long path of masturbation recovery! Ok now that it is all lubed up you may stroke it 10 time’s, yes slow and tight around the base all the way up to the tip. Keep stroking till i tell you to stop, but don’t cum, if you feel yourself about to cum STOP! You may not cum till I tell you to. Now when your done with those strokes lay back and close your eye’s.
Yes close those eyes so that you can dream of the way It would feel with me giving you stroking direction, stroking it feeling it thrust in and out of your hand. You know you want it baby, but you also know how much I love the tease. STOP!
Now lets play a storking game, lets stroke to see how long you can go before you explode. Now come on baby lets start with 10 more strokes, you can do it come on stroke it hard and fast. Lets really get the juices flowing for our dirty naughty play time. Step it up 20 more strokes faster and harder. NOW STOP!
Teasing that cock of your is so pleasurable for  me and my most favorite thing to do. If you want all the dirty naughty details you know what to do call me at 1-800-601-6975.

Cockteasing with Empress Sophia 800-601-6975