Get comfy boys, because I’ve had a naughty role play on my mind for days already, and you’re going to help me with it.  Every man adores teacher/student fantasies, right?  Can’t you feel your cock growing at the thought of having me, Miss Molly, as one of your pupils?  Keep your clothes on and let’s play…

I’m one of your very best students…not because I get A’s on all of my tests, and not even because I show up to class each day and listen carefully to your lectures.  I’m the very best, because I give you something very tantalizing to look forward to each day.  I sit in the front of the classroom, wearing my pleated mini skirt.  Everytime my creamy thighs “accidentally” part, you struggle to have a peek at my white cotton panties, don’t you?

One day after class, I approach your desk on behalf of my classmates and ask if there’s anything at all my girlfriends can do to earn A’s on the next exam—we’re all on the cheerleading squad together, and as the captain, I need to make sure that they have the grades to cheer for the next game.  I lean in close to you; not only can you feel my long, dark blonde hair tickling your neck, but my blouse is almost see-through and you can see my hard little nipples poking through.  I whisper, “let’s go back to your office and get started on some extra credit.”

Being the nasty fucker that you are, we go back to your office and lock the door.  I offer to do anything at all to please you—all you have to do is tell me what you want.  Of course you tell me you want my sweet little pussy, but I just giggle.  Little do you know, I have my turned phone on, and my classmates are listening on the other end of the line.  We’ve got you EXACTLY where we want you…we get our A’s, and you are going to do anything to keep us from telling the principal on you!

So, what exactly do we want you to do?  How can you save your job and the shame of being exposed for the pervert that you are?

Click below to listen to my erotic voice clip, and find out exactly what my little cock tease friends and I have in store for you.

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