When people hear the words “cock tease” they think of a beautiful young woman who knows how to drive men wild… a sexy bitch who toys with men… leading them on, only to throw them away before giving them anything they want.

Damn that sounds good ~laughs~. It’s such an ego trip, playing with boys, getting them to chase after you and jump to your command… giving them nothing in return… and then having them STILL chase after you.

Every guy has a long list of girls that he’s wanted, but never got anywhere with. Girls that seemed interested, but for some reason things never got going with them. She’d smile at you… laugh at your jokes… tell you how good you looked that day… all of it… but nothing would happen between you. It always seemed like it was almost within reach, and you’d keep trying to get it… but something would get in the way. You’d get frustrated, and maybe even think she was playing you… but then she’d smile at you… or you’d hear her beautiful voice on the phone… and you’d make excuses to follow her around a little longer… the stay puppy looking for a home.

What a sucker.

Yeah, sure… some of those girls might not have known what was on your mind… but most of them did… and they loved every minute of the attention, even though you never had a chance with them.

I want you to think of one of those girls now… one from way back when you were younger that you’ve never been able to fully forget… the one that you say “got away”… even though she was never on your hook… you were on hers ~laughs~.

Lie down in bed… close your eyes and cover your face so you won’t get distracted. .. And think of her… everything about her that still haunts you.

Now unzip your pants and take your cock out… this is what I want you to slowly start stroking to –

Imagine her calling you. It’s way back when, and you pick up the phone. It’s her, and before you can say anything more than “hello”, she tells you she really needs to see you, and asks if you can come over to her house now. She says you’ll have to sneak in through her window or else she‘ll get in trouble, but she’s locked her bedroom door so no one will know.

She wants you to come over and sneak into her bedroom… that hot girl you always wanted.

Start stroking your cock a little faster now.

You head to her house and move quietly over to her window… she’s there waiting for you, and she looks like she‘s dressed for bed. She’s got this tight little baby-t on and a pair of tiny shorts… and that baby-t isn’t doing anything to hide her perfect, young tits. If anything it’s just bringing more attention to how amazing they are… and you can clearly see her firm nipples through the fabric. Holy shit! Is this gonna finally be your chance?

She opens the window and lets you in… saying that she had to get dressed for bed so no one would ask questions. She has her arms around you as she helps you climb in.. and you can feel her tits pressed up against you… damn, they feel so good… and when she lets go of you, you see that her nipples are hard now! She smiles and looks away… that cute way that drives you crazy… and then she climbs into bed.

Keep stroking… you know you’re chance is finally gonna happen.

She just lies there in the middle of her bed… looking up at you… she’s not smiling now… instead her lips are parted slightly, and she sounds like she’s breathing a little faster.

Then she says to you… “I know you want me… I see the way you look at me”… she spreads her legs…“You do want me, don’t you?… one of her hands moves down, and she starts to softly touch herself… “Let me see it… I want to see your cock”.

Your heart’s beating fast now… she wants you to show her your dick! You can’t believe it’s finally gonna happen… she wants it, this hot girl you’ve been crazy about wants you to give it to her.

You take your cock out, just like she wants… it’s already rock hard… she smiles when she sees it, saying… “That looks so good… and I bet it feels good”… she shoves her hand down her shorts and starts playing with her pussy right in front of you… “Jerk it for me… stand there and jerk your cock for me, I want to rub my clit while I watch you stroke your cock.”

You do as your told, you’ve been waiting for this chance way too long to pass it up.

Start stroking faster now… focus on how much you’ve always wanted her, and how your finally gonna get it. Don’t cum yet though, you haven’t even put it inside of her yet.

She pulls her hand out of her pants and puts her fingers in her mouth, tasting herself as she watches you jerk off… “I love how I taste… but I want to taste you… I want to taste your cock… and I want to feel it inside of me”… she keeps sucking her fingers as she watches you stroke, then her other hand moves down to her pussy.

Keep watching her and stroke yourself all the way to the edge… then ride it there for 10 minutes while she gets her pussy really wet and ready for you… just keep jerking it while she rubs her clit and moans for you… then click the link below so I can tell you what to do next

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