Tease Homework From Goddess Sophia

I feel that teasing is the best, better than having an orgasm really and it last way longer. So get out the cherry flavored lube and that pocket rocket vibrator and lets get started.
Im going to give you homework for each day of the week, staring with Monday and ending on the following Monday. Have fun and enjoy but no release till you are safely with your Goddess.

Monday: Get up get showered for your day, while in the shower begin to soap up and stroke 10 times, yes only 10 slow long firm strokes. Finish your shower and begin your day. During your lunch break go to a quiet place and stroke 5 more times, then stop! Then when you get ready for bed 5 more. That’s it go to sleep!

Tuesday: Well today will be a no stroking day since you had all that stroking yesterday silly!!*giggles*

Wednesday: We will start today with no stroking all day long, not till you get home. Then you are permitted 20 strokes, slow, and tight. But only 20 and no Cumming for you Mister.

Thursday: Wake-up, stroke 5 times hard and fast, shower then stroke another 5 times hard and fast. Go to work and on your lunch break, find a quiet place to be alone and stroke 5 more times! HAHA, then when you get home, yes stroke your last 5 right before you go to bed.

Friday: Well getting close my lovely stroker boy but DENIED!! No stroking today or tonight. Just looking at those blue balls is your only gratification this day.

Saturday: Today is a laid back day do your 20 strokes throughout the day, but be careful…if you cum you will forever be denied.

Sunday: DENIED! No explanation needed. Just cause I say so.

Monday: This is your BIRTHDAY cum day! Today you will call at 8pm eastern, we will begin with some sensual seduction. Some light stroking and dreaming of your Goddess. Well I guess you will have to call to find out if you will get the ultimate pleasure.  800-601-6975

Guided Masturbation sessions with Empress Sophia 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute