With all the time you spend online surfing for cock-jerking material, I’m sure you don’t get much work completed around the house.  You’re house is completely dusty, your brand-new feather duster sitting perfectly clean in your cabinet, completely unused. Well, we’re going to change that today.  No, you won’t be cleaning house! How can I trust a fumbling stroker like you to do something like that? Why, you can barely stroke yourself without making a mess!

Now, go to your closet and bring out your feather duster. I want you to get your lube or lotion, and since you’re feeling really dirty, grab some Icy Hot, too.  Get your horny ass over to the bed and get naked. Yes, I know that you love to stroke for Mistress; I see that grin on your face.

Your cock is semi-hard as you liberally apply the lube, smoothing it all over your cock and all over those tight balls. I see that you’re quickly hardening as you rub the lubrication on. Well, slow down!  I’m not ready for you to blow yet. Yes, keep smiling ….  ~evil~

Now it’s time to put that Icy Hot to use. Take a dab and rub it into that sweet spot right under your balls …you know the place. *wink*   Oh!  Does it burn?  Are you still smiling?  I didn’t think so!  Curiously, your cock is now raging hard.  ~giggles~

Now you have my permission to very lightly stroke from the bottom of your shaft all the up to that reddening cock head. Mmmm! The burn of the Icy Hot is magnificent, isn’t it?

Now reach over and grab your feather duster. Since you don’t know how to use it for it’s normal purpose, I’ll show you a new way to use.

Take it, and start very lightly stroking those tickly feathers up and down the lengthy of your pulsing cock. That’s very good. I know it feels nice to have those soft feathers caress your cock –it’s like a soft hand, isn’t it? As you continue to pump your rod with your hand, tease the duster down your cock until you reach your balls, and then tease your balls by making long, slow stroke with the feathers. Isn’t that nice? Now it’s time to really get you going. I don’t want you to be shy, so follow my instructions!

Reach way up underneath your sack, and give that feather duster a nice twirl. Keep twirling it further down until you reach that sweet ass. Yes! Keep pumping your cock, keep twirling those feathers around that hole and up those balls, and click the banner to see what your reward is for following my instructions.

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