You like to be teased huh? Yeah, I thought so. Good thing, because I love to tease! I take good care of my body. I know you can tell because your cock gets hard every time you see my creamy white, flawless complexion, beautiful hazel green eyes and intense red hair.

My looks, my charm, my wit is what will keep you under my spell, nice and rock hard of course. Just reading my blog entry has you stiff and ready to stroke. Not yet my dear, I want you to listen to my cute, sexy voice. Fall deeper into my clutches.

Smell my perfume (Cool Water for women), feel my silky red hair. You can look but only touch a little. I like showing off my body. Slowly but surely I do a strip tease that will make you beg to stroke, to touch my perfect tits, ass and… other naughty parts. *Wink*

You don’t think I’d go through all this for JUST you? Laughs- No, I’m doing this because teasing is an art form. Not to mention I love how submissive a man can become when a young, hot dominant woman dangles perfection just out of reach.

I will be the addiction that stays with you. I’m not some fly by night craving. Long after you read this, you’ll be consumed with reading everything I have to say, listening to every recording I make. I consider myself a collector of teased men. Sometimes when I’m feeling naughty I even deny them. Take your chances and see how far you’ll get with me. *Smile*

Guided Masturbation with Empress Jill 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute