Well hey there, stroker grunts! My goodness, it looks like you have been getting quite the workout from the Mistresses here at CockTease Bootcamp!  I’m surprised that you’re still hanging in there and able to do your drill instructions… isn’t that cock quite sore? ::giggle::  Well if it isn’t, it will be after today!

First things first, drop ’em and give me 20!  Drop your pants, that is, and give me 20 quick strokes of that cock! Now, put some lubricant on there, a good amount, we don’t want your poor little dick getting rubbed raw, now do we? Or maybe that wouldn’t be too horrible after all… a little pain builds character! ::giggle::  Alright, now that you have the cock lubed up, I want you to grip the shaft with your hand, but don’t stroke it.  Listen up, grunt! I said no stroking!!  Just hold the shaft nice and tight with your hand.  Now with your other hand, I want you to squirt a big dollop of lube on the tip of your cock. Get it nice and juicy! Now put that bottle of lube down, and take your hand and rub the palm of it over the head of your cock.  So you have one hand squeezing (but not stroking!) the shaft, and the other hand rubbing the head of your cock under your palm.  Keep rubbing, nice and firm, does that feel good, grunt!? Now I want you to stroke your cock for me for a full minute, giving it long full strokes from your balls to the head and back down.

Repeat this process for ten cycles… first rubbing the head for two minutes, then full cock strokes for one minute.  You are not allowed to cum… if you get close, then slow down but do not stop!  After you have completed the tenth cycle of rubbing and stroking, click below for your fate!

Cockteasing with Princess Heather 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute