You just can’t help it, can you?  That urge just gets so strong that you find yourself unable to stop and I understand.  Regardless of what society says  or how other people react  you always find yourself coming back to this place  this urge.
It’s ok to give in to it, you know.  Most people do, when they think no one is paying attention.  They become consumed by it so much to the point that it takes over every waking thought.  I bet your fingers itch just thinking about what the texture is like  not to mention the way that tongue of yours twitches inside your mouth with the thought of getting a taste!  And the variety  long or short  fat and skinny.  They come in all varieties, shapes and sizes  and I bet you dream about every one of them, don’t you?
Tell me  do you reach down between your legs and stroke while you imagine each and every one you’ve ever seen?  I know you probably lay down at night, safe and sound in your bed, and reach between your legs, don’t you?  Just barely a teasing grasp  fingertips moving so lightly over the shaft and head  soft, easy strokes that are designed to excite without over-stimulating.  After all, you don’t want to go off half-cocked  no, you want to enjoy this  you want to close your eyes and see them all  imagine the differences in each one as you rub yourself  that grasp on your shaft getting firmer  the stroke becoming more insistent.  Do you dare give in  do you dare put yourself in a position to actually imagine what it would be like to touch one?  To feel that texture under the pads of your fingers  the way the skin is taut and supple, all at once  your lips brushing against that hot, delicious flesh.
Listen  as I whisper in your ear

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