Being a tease, a COCK tease is much more than a hobby or general interest; it’s a way of life. I’m quite used to getting my way… that’s just the way it’s always been. So once I realized the power females have over men that’s all SHE wrote. I’ve been using my body, mind and spirit to capture unsuspecting men for a good number of years now.

Isn’t it funny that something *or someone I should say* that makes you so frustrated turns you on SO very much? I can bet (and I’m absolutely sure) some of your best orgasms have been at the hands of a femme fatale. A woman who knew exactly what to say and do to make your cock ache, taking you to the edge then making you start ALL over again..

I want you to get nice and comfortable; take off all your clothes. Lie on your bed. For a few seconds I want you to just hold your cock and balls in your hand. Your balls are filling up quickly aren’t they? I’m not surprised. Now you can begin to stroke. Not too fast… easy there cowboy.

Imagine me standing near you. Just about arms reach AWAY. You can smell my hair, my perfume. I’m in a cute little outfit, showing off my young, perfectly tight body. Like what you see? Silly question, of course you do.

I slowly start to do a sexy strip tease; I’m still out of physical reach. You don’t know what you want to do more, jump up and try to feel my firm body against yours, or lay there stroking. Decisions, decisions…

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