Hello stroker grunts!  Today your Drill Sargeant Princess has a really grueling assignment for you, one that is not for the faint of heart! So, if you have not been keeping up very well with the previous stroking assignments, don’t be surprised if you fail at this one as well.  But, then again, these drills are not meant for pansy-assed wimps, they are meant to turn boys into well-controlled men who know how to use their cocks!

Now, the first thing you need to do is get a nice big bowl of ice.  Yes, that’s right, a huge bowl of ice, crushed would be preferred but get whatever is available to you.  Now, stroke your cock with your dominant hand, and in the other hand I want you to hold a big handful of the ice.  Let your hand get nice and cold.  Stroke your cock for two minutes at a good pace, and then drop the ice back into the bowl and stroke your cock with the cold hand. If the ice in your other hand happens to melt too quickly, just get some more.  Keep alternating back and forth between the warm hand and the cold hand, enjoying the sensations of the different temperatures stroking your cock.  Do this for a full 20 minutes, if you get close to orgasm, just slow down and then start up again when you regain control… and then click on the box below to see if your Drill Sargeant Princess Heather will have mercy on you today or not!

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