Your lovely drill sergeant Mistress Ashley is back at cocktease bootcamp to drive you crazy with several new techniques for you to perform for me today. For the first one you will need a towel, lube, and a hard surface. Now lube up that cock and the inside of your thighs. Put the towel underneath your bottom and push your cock between your thighs and close them tightly. Now start rocking back and forth for me. I would like you to do the rocking method for three minutes followed by three minutes of hand stroking. How hard is that cock now grunt? You don’t even need to tell me, believe me I know!

Next technique I want you to kneel on the floor with your towel down and lube up well. Lock your fingers of both hands together with your palms up. Put your cock in your hands and close tightly.Lean forward putting your cock and hands on the floor thrusting your pelvis front to back. Do not move your hands,that cock and pelvis should be doing all the work for this one! I want you to work up a real sweat so dont be lazy soldier! Give me five minutes and you should be edging by this point for sure.

If for some reason you are unable to be down on the floor (due to injury or the like) you may do this variation from the comfort of your bed. Once again lace your fingers of both hands thumbs together, slide that dick into the hole and tighted thumbs around. Close hand tight so cock actually has to push out through your fingers, thus simulating a super tight pussy. I want fifteen minutes of pumping action only slowing down when you feel that edge. Once completed click to hear my message to you wanker!

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