Ok stroker boys.  Time for you to get a hard workout.  Follow instructions precisely.  Get out your favorite lube.  Get naked—everything off.  Be sure you’re in a quiet, private space where no one will interrupt you for the next hour or two.  No phone calls; turn your phones off  That’s right.  No interruptions means no interruptions!  Do not get into bed.  Instead, I want you to use an easy chair or sofa.   Lean back in it.  Relax.

Tonight, you’re going to stroke a long time for me.  This session that will bring you to the edge over and over again.

First start by stroking your chest.  Use the tips of your fingers as well as your palms.  Now focus your strokes on the nipple.  I want those nipples hard.  Use your thumb and forefinger to roll them to help get them hard.  When they are really hard, keep stroking until you feel that strong nipple to groin connection.  Until you feel that nipple to groin connection, you may not stroke any further.  You have to continue with the nipples until your cock is getting hard just from the nipple strokes.

Only then may you slowly stroke your groin and inner thighs.  Then use one hand on those balls and stroke them.  Feel how heavy and full they are.  Reach underneath to that sensitive spot and begin to massage it gently.  Now use the index finger your other hand to stroke up and down the big vein on the underside of the cock.  Don’t stop stroking those balls.

Increase the strokes on the cock and stroke up and down the shaft.  Slowly increase the speed until you are right at the edge.

Stay at the edge for 3 minutes without backing off.  Then slow way down until you are no longer at the edge.  Speed up those strokes again until you’re once more at the edge.  Again, stay there for 3 minutes before slowing and moving away.  Repeat this ten times without cumming.  Do even more edging if you can.  When you can’t take any more, click the button for more help.

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