Hello there, your here now so lets get busy! Please remove all your clothes and have a seat. We really should get started because you know how I love to tease and tease and continue to tease you through out the night.
Our first nightly pleasure will be to have you in my teaser chair, yes you will be tied at the wrist, behind your back. Naked in a steal cold chair, ankles tied at the legs. Both will be tied with ice cold steal chains. Tightly!!
Pleasures will come in many ways, heat, cold, sticks and picks. You will be given every oppurtunity to beg for your freedom, not that it would do any good. But begging is so  much fun to hear coming from your mouth. So start begging pig!! We are going to have so much fun.
So I will begin the teasing by stroking a nice long silky feather up and down your body, up and down slowly torturing your skin by my delicate touch. Then building it up with a nice hot poker set in a nice little candle flame nice and hot. OOOO yes then some nice cold with some nice cold ice cubes, yes lets bring alive every sensation.
I will begin by teasing the head of your cock with all the above and continue till you learn how to properly beg for you need to have an orgasm. Yes do beg NOW!! Call and give your Goddess the proper worship 800-601-6975. Waiting to tease and torture your COCK!!

Cockteasing with Empress Sophia 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute