I know most of you have come to realize what a deliciously lovely sadist I am, and just how much I thoroughly enjoy my cruel desires… but I wonder how many of you understand what a close relationship sadism has with being a cock tease.

You see… when I tease a boy, I love to see him suffer… making him think he might have a chance with me, only to end with the crushing realization that I don’t really have any interest in him at all.

I like to drag it on and on, leading my eager male victim on bits and pieces at a time… leading him to believe that what awaits him is the fulfillment of every fantasy he has had since his first days as a masturbating little twerp. Then, when the time is right, things end with me laughing as I leave him to go home with someone worth my interest… while he goes home to jerk off by himself, just like he does every other night.

I love to do the same thing to cocks as I make them mine through guided masturbation. Having you stroke and jerk to my command… leading you to believe that the best orgasm you could ever hope for is waiting for you at the end.

And if I want to allow it… that is exactly what you’d have… a full, body draining orgasm that would blow your mind.

But that’s only if I allow it… and I think it’s far more fun being a cruel tease than the sweet little orgasm fairy.

Now you, you might be different… you actually don’t look half bad. You might even have a chance with me. Of course there’s only one way to find out… you’ll just have to drop those pants and get your cock out so I can play with you. Come on, do it for me now… stand up and take your clothes off.

No, do it slow… imagine me there with you, sitting right across from where you are, watching you obey my every command. Me sitting there fully clothed, while you strip for me, nice and slow.

Don’t lose my interest, boy… don’t just take your clothes and throw them on the floor like a dumb animal. Do it slowly, sensuously, exposing yourself a little at a time as if you’re the one trying to tease me. Come on, turn me on… I’m not going to make you cum if you can’t get me wet.

Yeah, that’s it, let me get a good look at you dick… not bad at all… it might truly be fun to see you cum, instead of me being the normal mean bitch that I so enjoy. You’d better do everything I say though… don’t ruin it, that thick cock of yours looks good, and I’m getting in the mood to see how much cum can pour out of it.

I want you to lick your fingers and start rubbing your nipples with them… rock your hips slowly as you do it… you’re putting on a striptease for me, do it good and maybe I’ll let you give me a lap dance ~grinz~. Keep playing with your nipples, rolling them between your fingers, twisting and pinching until your cock is nice and hard… do it at least 5 minutes. Yeah, that’s it, what a dirty, sexy slut you are… when the times up, you’ll show me more…

Slide one hand down your belly, very slowly… and then take your cock in it. Don’t stroke it… I want you to shift the way you’ve been rocking your hips… move back and forth, imitating how you’d move if you had a pussy right in front of you and you just put your cock inside of it. Slowly roll your hips as if there was music playing… move in a constant rhythm, with long, deep thrusts… and do that for 5 minutes too. Move your hand around a little as you do it, lifting up sometimes so I can see your balls… and sway your hand around some, just like a girl would move her hips against you.

Mmmm, that’s nice… can you see the smile on my face… that look in my eyes as I sit there with my mouth partly open, teasing the tip of my finger with my tongue… wondering what those strokes would feel like ~grinz~. Oh, that looks so good… keep doing it for me… spread your legs a little wider, I want to see that big ball sack more… yeah, that is so good… but I want it faster. Yeah, do it faster for me now… bang that tight pussy hard.

For the next 15 minutes I want you to let that pussy have it… show me how good a fuck you are… but don’t cum yet. I love to see a guy shoot thick steams of cum, and I want you to build up a really full sack before you explode for me. So for that whole 15 mins, you’re going to punish that pussy with your cock, but stop every time you feel yourself about to orgasm. Keep riding the edge until the full 15 mins are up, and then click the link below so I can have you give me the climax of your performance –

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