Oh dear ones! You know your Miss Viv is always in search of the biggest cock sucking sluts, to use for my own amusement. Today I am going to test your skills and see if your jaws are up to the task.  Go! Hurry and get your BIGGEST dildo, so we can get started.

Oh look at it precious, it’s HUGE! So much meatier than that pole you are dying to touch. Cute though, when I put them side- by- side and stroke them as one.  What’s the matter, slut? Are you embarrassed by the comparison?

Pfft! Get over it!

Remember you are here to amuse your Mistress and be tested for your future whore possibilities. The first step in being the very best man- whore is to suck. Sure I know your mouth is watering to feel that hardness pass your soft lips and get that first taste of jizz, that isn’t yours.

Oh yes, I know you are a cum eater, and I know you are looking at that BIG dildo and licking your lips. I will tell you that I am impressed you haven’t snuck in some strokes while you stare at your heart’s desire.

Go on lick just the tip.

Is there a lingering flavor from when I rubbed them together before?

Oh! Lets see how you measure up.
Point the head of the dido at your crotch, now put them next to each other.
Grab both of them with hour hands and stroke.

LOL! Isn’t that just adorable? I see your littler one is starting to get juicy. Your Mistress Vivian like that. Oozing juices – getting the dildo all wet and slick. I wonder what it tastes like. Oh no thank you precious – you eat it.

Go on, start mouthing the shaft, and rub that juice all over your slut mouth. UP and down and down and up. I love hearing you slurp up your own juices, while you keep wishing for a real dick to gobble up.

Poor baby, keep sucking. Inch by inch, getting it deeper and deeper, till you feel it go all the way to the back of your throat.

You must be so horny right now, my lil slut.

Maybe – just maybe I might allow you to spew. But not right now. No. I want you to stoke them in tandem again, and get right up to the edge. Put the dildo back in your pie hole.

Good slut.

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