Hey there strokes!  Get naked for me, grab your favorite lube out and lean back in your easy chair or sofa.

You know I love hard nipples, so work them—stroke, roll, caress and get them rock hard!  Then stroke slowly and gently to your groin and inner thighs.  Stroke all around several times.  Don’t touch that cock or balls yet.

All right, now give those balls lots of love strokes.  You know you love it, so do it!  Don’t forget to massage that sensitive spot underneath.  OK, now you can begin to slowly stroke the cock.  Don’t stop stroking those balls!

Gradually increase your speed until you’re right at the edge.  Stroke at the edge, without cumming, for at least five minutes.  Imagine your woman calling out for you to last a little longer, to move harder and faster so she can cum with you.

Once you have done that, click on the button for your final instructions.

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