Hi there, boys and girls. I am Empress Cassidy and we are about to play one of my very favorite games. It’s lots of fun…at least for me.  And if you are very very good, it might be lots of fun for you too. First of all, to really appreciate this game, you are going to have to close your eyes, so if you listen to this instead of reading the text it will be lots easier. *giggle*
I want you to picture you and I, all alone, and for once, you are certain I’m going to actually not only let you touch me, but also let you cum and really enjoy yourself.  Have you got the picture in your mind? Good.
Now take off all your clothes. Get everything off and get ready. Grab that lube you have with you and cover your cock with it. I want you to really be able to get a good stroke going.
Now picture me moving, just enough for the tight short little skirt I have on to ride up my thighs, so you can almost see if I’m wearing panties or not.  Want to take a guess?  I wait until I know you are looking, then I stand up and let the skirt fall again, covering me back up and depriving you of the view.
Your hand should still be stroking your cock very slowly. I’ll turn and unbutton a little of my blouse, so you can see some cleavage and smile, enjoying the sight of you stroking and waiting for me.  You start stroking faster, getting closer and closer.  My eyes meet yours and I walk over to you, reaching out and… picking up your clothes.  What to know the rest, click the button and listen….

Guided Masturbation Instructions with Empress Cassidy 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute