Those of you who have been keeping up with my blog ( know my passion for playing cards. I thought for todays tease session I would get a standard deck of 52 cards and play a fun cock stroking game with you. Everytime I draw a card you will have to stroke that many times. Number cards are their value and faces are ten. Aces can be one or eleven. To get started you can shimmy out of those shorts for me and reach for that lube. Get that dick slippery and we shall begin. Shuffling, shuffling, bridging and drawing. First card is the7 of diamonds. Fist that dick and give me seven slow strokes. Very nice now I am going to let my kitty pick the next card and I fan them across the table. Tom cat “paws” the 10 of hearts so get to it beater boy! This time I want them at fast speed. Excellent, very well done! Just to make the game a little more difficult for you I am going to pick three cards from the deck now. Ace of spades, King of hearts and 5 of hearts. I am going to use the ace as an eleven and I want you to stroke to the combined total of all three cards which is 26. This you will do at all three speeds.You may start with slow speed than working your way up to medium and than fast. Your total stroking count will be an unbelievably tough (but I bet you can manage) 78 strokes! Once completed click below to hear my message to you and good luck!

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