I was digging through the back of my closet and found my high school cheerleading uniform. My school colours are green and gold, I couldn’t resist putting it on. I also dug up the gold leather boots and put on some nude stockings with garter to super charge my outfit. I am walking towards you now stroker boy and I want you to get naked for me. Thats right, shimmy out of your clothes, grab that lube, and rub it into that cock really good for me. Thats the way I like it shiny and “awakening.” I want you to try the hand over hand technique for me now. Think of it as hand on hand off, constantly sliding from base right off that dick and grabbing with the other hand. This stroke I want you to do for five minutes straight only pausing when you feel that edge coming on. I like it when you work up a good sweat for me so don’t be afraid to give it your all (I always do) when working that cock! I am going to do a couple of high kicks into the air, watch my skirt as it flips up. I am going to follow that with a twirl and a back handspring. Now slip one hand to your balls and clutch them while you do five minutes single handed stroking for me. Thats it beat that cock good! I am now going to go into a handstand and follow that up by doing the splits! Are you aching yet naughty boy? The last ten minutes of this cock stroking session will be a free for all. I want you to go into as many hand stroking positions as you can changing them every minute. At the end of this ten minutes I want you to click my message to you!

Guided Masturbation with Ms Ashley 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute