Hey stroker, freak!  Yes, I’m talking to you!   I see you standing there stroking your cock, as usual.  Well, the time has come for you to realize who is really in charge of your cock- yes, me, Empress Celeste.  And you will do as I tell you beginning Now!   Now get some lotion and lube it well.  That’s it.  Now, take a good, long look at my luscious picture.  Uh huh.  I know it makes you hard.  I want you to put that picture right in your sights while you stroke, imagining the things that I will do and allow you to do to me- Like how it would feel to have me sit in your face and grind.  Oh yeah!  Imagine that as you keep on stroking-.  No, not so fast, stroker freak!  Yes, that’s right, slow it down a bit.  Uh huh, oh yes!  Now you’re doing it right.

Now I want you to drop down on your knees where you belong, in front of me, as you continue stroking.  Good boy.  Oh, yes!  Pick up the pace a bit.  No!  I said “a bit” fool.  Yeeah, that’s better.  Doesn’t that feel good?  Hmmm, I know.  *laughter*
Allright, now start working it faster!  Pump it!   That’s it, that’s it!  Now, stop.  Yes, you heard me right.  Stop, take a deep breathe and regroup.  Take that cock back in your hand and start back pumping it smoothly in a good rhythm.  Oh, my.  That does feel awesome, doesn’t it?  Well, about now you are dying to cum, aren’t you?  Well, I don’t know about that.  Listen to my recording to find out whether you get lucky today- or not!

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