First off, get some good lubrication. Not the crisco oil in the kitchen, dummy. Go and buy some of the good stuff, something that will make your dick slide up and down in your hand smoothly. Now, after you do that- get a really nasty porno movie to watch. Since I am not there, you will need some extra stimulation. Next, if you don’t live alone- timing is everything. That means make sure that no one can barge in on you. There’s nothing like trying to get off and being disturbed in the middle of it!
Okay, find a comfortable place to do it. Not on some hard chair, but find something comfortable to sit on. Maybe your sofa, or could be a nice easy chair. You are also going to need my picture in front of you- this is to shore up your fantasy while you are wanking your cock.
Now, I want you to start nice and slow. Don’t be in such a hurry! That s it, nice and slow, nice and slow. Get a good rhythm going…uh huh, there you go. Now pick up the pace- go a little bit faster, but not too much! Whoa! Slow it down a bit. That’s it, that’s it. Oh yeah.
Okay- go for it! Yeaah, work that cock for me! You’ ve got it! Feels good, doesn’t it? Oh yeah.
But, wait! Do not cum. Yes, you heard me right. Not quite yet. Make it last, stroker, make it last! Now listen to my audio for further instructions.

Guided Masturbation with Empress Celeste 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

$1.99 per minute