Hi there little wankers. Here at tease mafia, you are putting yourself in our hands. Not literally of course, though you wish . . .  *giggle*   I know you want to, but I don’t care. I’ll decide yes or no based on my mood, not on anything you do or say.
Oh, I’ll admit, I love when you beg. You watch me, sitting in front of you in my short sexy skirt, long bare legs tan and smooth, feet slipped into a pair of high heels.  I’ll cross and uncross my legs, stand up and sit down, maybe unbutton an extra button on my blouse. You’ll think you see more than you do, or get a quick glimpse of panties or whisper of a strap from my bra.  I won’t ever really show you anything . . . unless I choose to.
That’s what is so much fun about teasing you. You are always so hopeful, thinking you might get more.
I love to sit in front of you and just smile sweetly, dangling my high heel from my toe. You watch me and see that my foot is mostly bare, as I flex it and let the shoe slip back on.  I love to watch your face as I do this, see you stare open-mouthed while I laugh and slip one shoe off entirely. I stretch my leg out toward you, running my bare foot over your knee, then giggle again and put my shoe back on.
You men are so easy. You stare and get all excited, wanting release, but knowing you can’t achieve it on your own. You need us. You need me. And so you watch, aching and wanting to let go, but unable to stroke without my express permission. Should I let you?
Will I let you, or will I just laugh and ignore your pleas and pathetic begging? Are you brave enough to find out?

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Must be 18+

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