Don’t get ready to start stroking yet… you’ve got some work to do first.
I want you to go out to your local lingerie shop… no, I don’t want you to look at lingerie online, you are to walk into an actual store. There, I want you to spend a good half hour looking at everything in the shop. If a saleswoman asks to help you, let her… tell her you are looking for sexy things for your girlfriend… panties in particular. Take your time browsing, but pick out two pair of panties you like and buy them. Remember, spend at least a half hour in the store, and let the saleswomen help you if asked.
After you’ve made your purchases there, I want you to go buy some lube if you don’t have any already… then go directly home.
Now, when you are back in your room I want you to strip down naked, and continue reading this.
Get comfortable in your chair and take out the panties you just bought. Look at them both… imagine what they would look like on a beautiful girl… imagine what they would smell like after they’ve been pressed up against her pussy all day. Do you think they’re sexy enough for her to get wet from wearing them? Maybe just a little bit… but I bet she’d get really wet if someone played with her clit through them, wouldn’t she?
Pick one pair of panties, and put some lube inside of them, right where a girl’s hot little pussy would be… as if the lube was from inside of her. Then I want you to wrap the panties around your cock, making sure to get her wet all over you. Wrap them around good, then close your fist around both your dick and the panties and start stroking. You’re going to fuck her wet panties for me.
Do you think she would get mad if she caught you doing that with her underwear… or do you think it would make her hot to see your cock get so hard off her wet panties? Imagine if after watching you masturbate like that for a while, she dropped her pants and slid off the pair she was wearing… and shoved them in your face.
I want you to take the other pair of panties in your free hand and press them against your face…kiss them, lick them, sniff them… run them all over your face and neck while you keep stroking with the other pair.
Now imagine her standing there… her shirt still on but nothing else… and her hand between her legs as she watches you… smiling as she sees how much you love sniffing her panties.
I want you to keep stroking and thinking about that until you feel yourself about to cum. Then stop for a full minute, add more lube to the panties that are around your cock, and start stroking again. Keep following this cycle to the edge 10 times… then you can click the link below –
Guided Masturbation with Domina Amanda 800-601-6975
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