Well, well, well, stroker grunts, what do we have here? You still hanging in there at Cocktease Bootcamp? Well, for some of you, ‘hanging’ would be a compliment… you’re just sort of ‘dangling’ there, aren’t you? ::giggle::  Well, let’s see what we can do to get those cocks in shape, worms! Today is not going to be easy, boys… today is going to be one of the most difficult assignments I have ever given on the Bootcamp.  You know how other Bootcamp trainees have to go through their day of getting mace or pepper spray squirted in their face and deal with it under pressure? Well, today is the equivalent of that!

You are to head to the medicine cabinet and get out your muscle rub. That’s right, be it Ben Gay, Icy Hot, whatever you use, and put a small amount on the palm of your hand.  Now, you are going to lube up that cock and balls with the muscle rub, feel it begin to penetrate into your skin, and take a deep breath as that icy, hot sensation begins to creep into your balls and cock.  Now, begin to stroke! Notice how the more you stroke, the more the sensation increases, and stroke faster!  Get yourself right to the edge, and then stop.  Now, if you are man enough, add a little more muscle rub to that cock and balls, and do it again.  If you’re too much of a pansy ass, then just keep stroking without adding more muscle rub.  You are to bring yourself to the edge and then stop, for a total of six times, and after the sixth time, click below to see what your fate may be!

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