This is Goddess Dallas, 888-232-1467.  I have some questions for you stroker boys out there.

What is the value of orgasm denial?  How about guided masturbation?  Why frustrate yourself when it would be easy to have the release your body is sooooo ready for?  Are you crazy to want to delay that blessed relief?

Well, you’re not crazy.  Perhaps a bit kinky, but not crazy.

Everyone has their own reason for seeking orgasm denial or guided masturbation training.

I like to imagine that my callers are learning to stroke at the edge without cumming for as long as possible in order to learn to satisfy their wife or girlfriend.  Most men are like you—they can’t make their woman cum while they’re fucking her.  They have to use their fingers, a dildo or their tongue—and those just aren’t good enough for your woman.

I know how special it is for a woman when her man lasts long enough for the two of them to cum at the same time.  So let’s get started with some training to get you into shape.

Don’t worry, now, it won’t hurt…much.  And you will feel some pleasure too.  Ready to go?  You’ll need your lube nearby along with a piece of liver large enough to wrap around you and an egg timer.

Yes, I said liver.  Get a nice big piece.  Put it in some warm water for a while so it gets warm—but don’t cook it.  At least not yet.

Ready?  Set the egg timer for 30 minutes.  Lube up and get yourself hard now.  Make sure your nipples and cock are very hard.  Lightly pinch the nipples to get them hard and to start those nice sexy feelings in your groin.  Then stroke down to your groun and begin stroking around it.  When your cock is very hard, stroke the balls and the sensitive spot under them, then move to stroking the cock.  Wrap that warm liver into a funnel shape and thrust your cock into it, just like you would thrust into your woman.  Fuck that liver now—but don’t you dare cum.  Keep on fucking it, hard and fast, without cumming.  Let your precum and the moisture from the liver start to take the place of the lube.  Imagine your woman woaming and groaning as you fuck her, asking you to hold off longer, to wait to cum, that she’s sooooooo close to cumming.

When that egg timer goes off, hear in your mind your woman saying, “Ahhhh, I’m cumming.”  then you may cum with her.  Cum hard as you shoot that load into the liver,  and magine the tremendous orgasm your woman is having along with you.

What’s your reason for stroking training?  I’d love to know.  For great stroker training, call me, Goddess Dallas, at 888-232-1467.

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