Hello, stroker grunts! Have you missed your Drill Sargeant Princess? I’m sure you have! ::giggle::  Now, fall in and get out those cocks for inspection! Hmmm, I see some of you have not been following drills from the other Mistresses very well, have you? A few sore dicks around here! Well, don’t expect any sympathy from me just because you can’t keep up! This is where we separate the men from the boys… so if you aren’t man enough to follow through the drills, then pack up your toys and go home! For the rest of you, get that lube out and lube up those cocks, troops!  Today we are going to do stroke sprints.  This will be a very good workout for some of you, and for others, well, it may just be the end of you! ::giggle::  Begin by power-stroking that cock for 1 full minute.  Pump your fist up and down that shaft as hard as you can.  Now, slow-stroke it for 1 minute.  Very good! Now, power stroke for 2 minutes, really fuck your fist!  Good… now slow-stroke for 1 minute.  Can you guess what comes next? That’s right, 3 minute power stroke!  Oohh, that one was hard to get through, wasn’t it? ::giggle::  Take your 1 minute slow-stroke and relax.  But after that minute is up, I want 4 minutes of power stroking.  Don’t you dare fucking cum!!  That’s it, stroker grunt, now take your 1 minute slow-stroke.  Now let’s finish this up… 5 full minutes of power stroking… go!!  As you get to the end of those 5 minutes, click below and see what your drill instructor Princess has decided will be your fate!

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Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum