That’s right stroker boy…it is time for you to put on a good show for me.  You know I love how eager you are to please me with your little show *giggles* Sit forward on the edge of your chair and take a good long look at my picture, let those dirt little thoughts run rampant…I want to see that cock jump to attention at the very thought of me.  Are you ready to follow my instructions?  You can only touch my cock when I say so…is that understood?
Good, time to get started stroker.  Wrap those fingers around my cock and give it one nice tight squeeze, loosen your grip and slide those fingers up and down that cock from the base to the tip, nice and slowly now I want to get a good look at you. I want 20 strokes just like that, nice and slow…sliding those fingers all the way over the tip of that cock and back down. Stare at my picture, I know you are addicted to pleasing me and this time should be no exception.
Now little stroker, start tightening your grip and slipping that fist up and down with a bit more speed, quickening the pace with each full stroke up and down. I bet those balls are tightening up and my cock is starting to throb in your hand.  Give me 2 sets of 15 fast strokes to that cock, taking a 5 second ‘squeeze’ break inbetween.
I want you to continue repeating this routine – 20 slow strokes and 2 sets of 15 fast strokes with the 5 second ‘squeeze break between the sets until you get to the edge…once at the edge STOP touching it *giggles*  Take a nice deep breath and start again…once you have gotten to the edge 5 times click below to listen to my instructions.
-Empress Mallory

For cockteasing sessions with Empress Mallory call 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum