Alright boys, you have now entered cock tease boot camp. Here is where you learn what a real cock tease is and believe me, if you thought the girl who almost let you go all the way and then stopped was a cock tease you are in for an education.

You are lead around and ruled by that cock, making teasing you lot of fun. In fact it’s one of my favorite things to do.

I’m that girl you see walking down the street, the cute new secretary at your office. You know the one, who wears her skirts a little shorter than the other women and her sweaters a little tighter.  I’m friendly but mostly seem to ignore you. I come in to work, or walk past your house, in my high heels that make my legs look so good and make my ass wiggle just the perfect amount to make you want to grab it with your hands.

But you know, I’d never let you….right? *giggle* Of course you don’t! You’re a man!  You always have hope that you’ll get to use that cock you love so much. So, you keep staring at me and one day, you notice that I seem to know you are looking. I drop things in front of you, bend over so my skirt rides up, I face you and cross or uncross my legs, opening them slightly as I do…Sometimes I even stop to talk to you and make sure that brush my fingers across your chest.  I bring up sexual things in conversation, telling you that my new boyfriend had never been with a girl who swallows before and how happy he is that I do.  I ask you if you think the more practice I got the better I’d be at it…I know your cock is hard thinking about me sucking your dick.

So, the first time we’re alone, I stand close to you, rubbing my hand over your pants. Maybe I even tell you to take your dick out so I can see. I smile when you do, watching you stoke, then I giggle and say “well, thanks, gotta go.’ and walk away.

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Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum